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Wanna get off that Apple or Android Phone?

Want privacy, open-source tech, and a phone you actually control?

Graphene OS is the best operating system choice, and for those of us who aren’t tech geniuses, there’s the Above Phone.

Above Phone offers a variety of privacy-centric linux-based phones (laptops soon as well), along with a VPN, amazing customer service, and a deep knowledge base.

 Above Phone is run by Ramiro Romani, a friend of WRCC, co-producer of The Greater Reset, and the founder of Take Back Our Tech.

Enter the coupon code “WEARECHANGE” to get $50 off any phone

Are You Using the Private Search Engine That Pays You?

In the world  today, most people depend on the internet to find information about the world. More specifically, they often depend on search engines to find the things they want on the internet. The problem with this is most likely obvious to everyone reading, with corporations like Google & Bing thereby controlling most people’s access. There have been alternatives over the years, like Ecosia & DuckDuckGo… but most of them are equally censored, and many just aren’t very good at finding what you want.

Presearch is re-creating the search engine… but a decentralized, private search engine. Using a network of decentralized nodes (which anyone can set up, to earn more crypto), your searches jump to a node that strips away all the metadata, and then jump to a different node, who then sends the queries out, with the results making their way back to you in a similar way. Presearch has their own search engine, and you can also use it to search anything from Amazon to YouTube to Booking… to dozens of other sites – all with the aforementioned node-hopping to privatize your activity.

At the moment, this decentralized & privatized version of searching is a bit slower than just directly using something like Google or DuckDuckGo… but there’s always trade offs in life. Since the trade-off for this very slight delay is greatly increased privacy and that you get paid 0.1 PRE tokens for every search you do (up to 30 per day), just think of it as getting paid for a short wait 🙂

Signing up via our referral link awards 25 PRE tokens to you, and 25 PRE to the us: https://presearch.com/signup?rid=4637287